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Alex wins award

Alex standing next to a 1994 ford explorer

Alex’s story begins in March of 1994 when he, his brother and their parents fled Soviet-occupied Ukraine for the United States. Equipped with only four suitcases and a thirst for the American dream, the Tovstanovsky family was determined to make a new life in the United States, free from the grasp of communism.

Upon arrival in America, Mr. Tovstanovsky took up a job dying t-shirts while Mrs. Tovstanovsky worked as a housekeeper — a far cry from their distinguished backgrounds. Undeterred by this, the Tovstanovskys continued to learn English while working tirelessly to provide a better life for Alex and his brother.

At this point, Alex’s upbringing had been all but ideal, but one thing was clear — he would be no stranger to hard work. While his parents chased the American dream, Alex focused on his education and by 2007 found himself studying Finance at Northern Illinois University. Studying hard and securing good grades, Alex had seemed to find his calling. Little did he know, his true calling was lurking just around the corner.

In 2007, during the early stages of the Great Recession, both of Alex’s parents lost their jobs. This event, combined with his family’s previous years of high-income reports meant that Alex could no longer receive financial aid to attend Northern Illinois University. Despite this series of crushing blows, Alex wasn’t ready to give up. He and his father Igor decided to take a risk and use the last of their savings to purchase a 1994 Ford Explorer they found on Craigslist.

After a few replacement parts and a hefty dose of elbow grease, Alex and his father listed the Explorer for sale on Craigslist — and it sold. This first sale sparked what would eventually become Sky Ford and opened many opportunities for Alex and the Tovstanovsky family. After buying and selling more cars from Craigslist, Alex and Igor finally purchased a tiny 35-car lot in a nearby industrial park.

By 2013, Alex and Igor had graduated from their small concrete building and 35-car lot to their current 7,500-square-foot facility which houses a variety of vehicles ranging from personal cars to commercial trucks. Sky Ford also offers full-service automotive repair and maintenance, as well as one of the best body shops in the Cedar Rapids area. In addition to these services, Alex and Igor became known for providing the people of Linn County with exceptional customer service and a friendly smile.

As business at Sky Ford boomed and cars continued flying off the lots, Alex decided it was time to expand the family business. With the plans for expansion in mind, Alex recently purchased Junge Ford and Junge CDJR in North Liberty so he could continue to put the people of Iowa in reliable and affordable vehicles. Although these stores are new additions to the Sky Ford family, the Sky motto of “Honesty is not expensive, it’s PRICELESS” will still be at the forefront of every transaction.

Alex Builds a 35 car lot

Auxiliary Deputy Sheriff Alex

While running a successful business is nothing to scoff at, Alex’s true pride comes from his involvement in his community. Both Alex and his father are heavily involved in the local community, serving on political committees and donating thousands of dollars to local charities. Alex even served as an Auxiliary Deputy Sheriff at the Will County Sheriff’s office in 2013 — ultimately having to resign in order to run the ever-growing Sky Ford.

Alex firmly believes the United States of America is the greatest country on earth. He is eternally grateful to be a citizen and for all the opportunities provided for him here. From escaping the clutches of communism to championing the Great Recession and growing a successful business from nothing, Alex Tovstanovsky and his family are the definitions of The American Dream.

If you’re located in Center Point, Cedar Rapids or the surrounding areas and searching for a great deal on your next car, truck or SUV — Alex Tovstanovsky is the man to see. Visit Sky Ford in Iowa today!

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